New Returnal 2.0 update adds important Save Game features to loop-shooter

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Housemarque's Returnal was a mind-blowing experience that helped the PS5 get off to an excellent start - at least in terms of exclusive games. It's one of the best-looking games out there and the narrative is deeply intriguing. However, there was one flaw with this game and that was the lack of a Save Game feature in Returnal.

Well... That might not be an issue anymore...

SUSPEND CYCLE - For when life comes knocking

Returnal's 2.0 title update is adding a new feature - Suspend Cycle - and it's a huge development for the game. This is going to bring a single-point Save Game feature to Returnal that should allow you to pause your game, turn off your PS5 and return to Returnal at a later date.

" One of the main features of this update is the Suspend Cycle functionality, which will allow you to pause your cycle to be continued later, letting you exit the game and turn off your console without losing your progress in that session."

This is going to be a single-point Save Game feature that is essentially the same as pausing the game - however, you can exit the game and turn off your console now! It's important to note that this isn't a traditional Save Game mechanic - you can't access the file in Returnal and once you start up again it's deleted.

There are going to be limits to where you can make the most of the Suspend Cycle feature, though.

" Players won’t be able to create a suspend point during Boss battles, cinematics, first-person sequences or during intense combat scenarios – as we felt there are certain moments in Returnal that are best experienced unfragmented to preserve the intended challenge and flow."

Returnal's 2.0 update is also going to be introducing a Photo Mode - a much-requested feature for the game.

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