PS5 News Today March 19: Updates, Stock, & More

The PS5 is still all that a lot of people can talk about. It is still proving quite tough to get your hands on and exciting news is continuing to be revealed.

We've got all the updates you need to new PS5 stock, brand new games, and PS5 news in our article below.

Latest - Amazing Marvel's Avengers Load Times

The power of the PS5 has truly been showcased by the new PS5 version of Marvel's Avengers.

According to a variety of tests by Digital Foundry, and some base level ones by ourselves, it's noticeable that the game's load times are just a matter of seconds.

That compares will to the PS4 version's load times, which have been upwards of 50 seconds to a minute at times.

Add that to the improved visuals and the PS5 version of Marvels' Avengers is worth jumping into.

New PSVR Controllers

Yesterday, Sony revealed the controllers that will be coming with the next-gen PlayStation VR system.

They'll have many of the same features that your DualSense controller does, including Haptic Feedback and similar trigger technology.

Sony said that they were designed to allow developers to create unique experiences and provide more freedom to movement in virtual reality.

We still don't know when the new PSVR headset will be released, but Sony has said that dev-kits will be in developers' hands soon.

PS5 Stock Updates UK

One of the big recent stock update changes in the UK is from Currys, who have introduced a lottery system that involves signing up for a chance to buy a PS5.

You can sign up here, but you'll still have to be quite lucky to be selected. Also, it is expected that the stock won't be available for a few weeks yet.

There are no other retailers who are expected to have stock available today, but we expect GAME, Very, and John Lewis to have PS5's available early next week.

Also, according to PS5 UK Stock on Twitter, more stock is expected to arrive at Smyths in the coming days, with Amazon also receiving a restock on April 1st.

"We still have the Smyths drop later half this week. Also several stores such as GAME are receiving stock next week! Expect next Amazon drop to be 1st week April."

PS5 Stock USA

As for in the US, Walmart had new stock yesterday, on March 18, so we don't expect them to have any more today.

No other retailers have revealed that they're due to have stock today, but we'll keep our eyes peeled.

Amazon is the only place where you could have some luck. According to Matt Swider, Amazon US was due to drop some stock at 2pm ET yesterday, but it never arrived.

According to TechRadar, Amazon US will have 46,000 consoles available, whenever they drop.

Keep your eyes out today, maybe at the same time, for a possible PS5 stock drop.

New Games

As for new PS5 games that are now available, the next-gen version of Marvel's Avengers launched yesterday.

Otherwise, Can't Drive This is the only other new PS5 game that's due to release today. You can see the trailer for it below.

We'll be sure to let you know as and when any more PS5 news drops today.

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