PlayStation Showcase 2021 Predictions & Wishlist

The PlayStation Showcase is just around the corner and it should come with tonnes of new announcements and updates on older games. Needless to say, there's quite a lot of excitement in the air. Here are our PlayStation Showcase 2021 Predictions to get you excited for the stream.

When is the PlayStation Showcase 2021?

The PlayStation Showcase officially begins at 1 pm PT / 9 pm BST on Thursday 9th September.

Therefore, there are just a few days until you can watch it for yourself. Here are some of the big games that could show up and what we think we will see.

New Horizon Forbidden West Trailer

This already received its own showcase months ago so we likely won't see much here.

Perhaps, we could see a tease but we likely won't see much else.

Horizon Forbidden West
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Horizon Forbidden West is currently planned for release on February 18th, 2022, but there's still a lot to be revealed in terms of new features.

Something New From Naughty Dog

After a pretty big year and the launch of The Last of Us Part Two, we don't really know what the team is working on next.

Perhaps we could see a return to the Uncharted franchise, a DLC for Part two or an entirely new IP. Hopefully, we'll see something new.

The Last of Us Part Two
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The Last of Us Part Two may have a multiplayer mode on the way but we don't fully know what we will see just yet. Perhaps we could see an update this week.

Elden Ring

We're now only a few months out from the release of Elden Ring. Although it is coming to all platforms, we might get a nice gameplay or story trailer.

Although we've seen plenty from the world itself, there's still so much we don't know. Hopefully, PlayStation clears that up.

God of War Ragnarok

On the PS Blog site, Sony announce that we won't see the next generation of VR at the Showcase but we will see plenty of news from PS5.

Being one of the next big games coming to the PS5, we're hoping to see something interesting here.

God of War Ragnarok
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God of War was originally slated for release in 2021 but was delayed to some point in 2022. If we saw a possible release date, it would be a great show.

Infamous Comeback

Over on Twitter, Xbox Era co-founder Nick suggested that there may be a new Infamous game on the way.

He says to take this news with a grain of salt and I'd advise doing so. Still, this could be a great announcement. With Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut now behind us, Sucker Punch don't appear to be working on anything major.

We've seen a resurgence of remakes and remasters recently so this could be a remaster. That being said, it would be much more impactful to see a follow up to Infamous: Second Son.

Resident Evil 4

Right now, we know the team are working on Resident Evil Versus and Resident Evil 4 in VR. That being said, with Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 remake behind us, 4 has to be next.

Resident Evil
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For this reason, we're hoping to see the announcement of Resident Evil 4 remake.


There are plenty of games we could see here and we could even see some new ones. That being said, we would love to see Ghostwire: Tokyo.

After losing internet sensation Ikumi Nakamura earlier this year and with Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda, we would be interested to see where development is on it. Hopefully, we'll see an update as fans have been waiting.

Outside of this, we could see some new updates on the exclusive Final Fantasy title and maybe news on Gran Turismo 7's release date.

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