PlayStation is celebrating the players with new Days of Play challenges

PlayStation's Days of Play is back and we have everything you need to know about Stage One of this event alongside a PS5 stock update for everyone still looking for a new console.

What is PlayStation's Days of Play?

PlayStation's Days of Play is essentially a celebration of PlayStation's players. It's a bit more of a symbolic period than anything else, but Sony has offered up a couple of community challenges to keep everyone interested.

You can check out the fun little trailer for the event below:

It's compromised of three stages that will offer PlayStation players a few exclusive cosmetic rewards for pretty much just playing games! It's not the worst thing in the world and the event is being capped off with a Free Weekend.

Stage 1 Challenges & Rewards

These are pretty simple, thankfully. If you want to compete, all you really need to do is play games and unlock Trophies!

We're not even joking, that's it! The PlayStation community has from May 18th 00:00 PST / 03:00 EST / 08:00 BST until May 24th 23:59 PST / 02:59 EST / 07:00 BST to complete the following challenges for a few rewards.

  • Community Goals
    • 2.4M Games Played - Dynamic PS4 Theme
    • 7.2M Trophies Earned - Exclusive PSN Avatar
  • Bonus Goals
    • 3.0M Games Played - 3x PSN Avatars
    • 8.8M Trophies Played - 3x PSN Avatars

PS5 Stock Update

If you're still looking for a PS5 console, then this stock update might help you out.

John Lewis released a small amount of stock earlier today, so there's a chance that they will be releasing more tomorrow morning. There are reports that they're completely out of stock though, so don't hold out too much hope.

There is, however, Amazon. They still haven't released stock and reports are showing that this could be coming tomorrow. If you add it to your wishlist then move it to your basket, you should have better luck.

There are also reports that Smyths Toys could also be joining this growing list of retailers who will be releasing PS5 console stock in May 2021.

It's worth keeping an eye on StockInformer too, in any case. This will update as best it can and show you the stock levels for multiple retailers at once.

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