Is Ghostwire: Tokyo an Open-World game?

A game that precedes the blockbuster Bethesda acquisition by Microsoft, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a PS5 console exclusive that has a lot of potential players scratching their heads. Despite more and more information coming out about the game and even a dedicated State of Play Showcase, people are still asking whether or not the game is open-world.

It's a make or break feature for most people who maybe don't want to spend their money on a linear story experience but are happy to buy into another open-world experience due to the additional content that typically comes included with those types of games.

So, is Ghostwire: Tokyo an open-world game? Well, it's not a simple question to answer.

Is Ghostwire: Tokyo an Open-World game?

Going by everything we've seen so far in gameplay reveals, it doesn't look like Ghostwire: Tokyo will be a fully open-world game. What it may be is something closer to Deathloop or Dishonored where levels are open-ended but you will rarely be left to just explore with no objective.

Basically, this means that Tango Gameworks are taking a step away from the linear horror survival of The Evil Within but not going full-on Skyrim with their game world.

We'll have to wait until release at the end of March to get the full picture on exactly how the game will play. Recent gameplay videos have put a much greater focus on the use of spell casting as the primary offensive weapon.

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Even during the most recent State of Play event there were more details offered in a story trailer but no in-game footage show (not with the full game HUD at least).

Hopefully, that helps answer your question. We wish it was a little more cut and dry but it really feels like it won't be a huge issue come release. If the lack of an open-world is a dealbreaker for you, maybe wait and check out some gameplay after release.

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