InFamous at Sony State of Play: Sucker Punch not developing new game?

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Sucker Punch Productions seem to have finally tied a bow on Ghost of Tsushima but are they set to move back to InFamous straight away? Signs suggest this isn't the case.

The developer is going to start working on their next project before too long - if they haven't started already - and there are a lot of rumours that it could be Ghost of Tsushima 2 while InFamous is handed to another first-party studio.

We haven't seen a new game in this series since 2014's First Light standalone expansion and there are a lot of people who remember the original three games well. So... Where's the next game?

UPDATE - InFamous being handed to a new studio?

We could get an update on the InFamous franchise during the next Sony State of Play but it's unlikely.

For now, it appears that Suker Punch may hand the IP to another studio while they start work on a follow up to Ghost of Tsushima.

No InFamous, but still some superheroes

Sadly, there wasn't any news regarding PlayStation's InFamous series announced at The Game Awards. That doesn't mean fans of super-powered people were left out, though. Rocksteady's Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League offered us some new gameplay footage and a strange in-character appearance from Debra Wilson - as Amanda Waller.

You can check that out below:

In addition to this, Monolith announced a new Wonder Woman game. This is from the team behind Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War and the Nemesis System has been confirmed, so... It's going to be good. Here's the teaser trailer for that:

Could it show at The Game Awards?

The last chance for us to see something new from Sucker Punch and the InFamous franchise is at The Game Awards 2021. With PlayStation having no major event in their calendar going forward, it's always a possibility that they use this stage to reveal a new game!

Infamous, Sucker Punch missing from PlayStation Showcase

Sucker Punch missed the PlayStation Showcase entirely meaning that a new addition to the Infamous franchise was not shown off.

While this doesn't mean the game isn't happening, it's likely that Sucker Punch would like more time to work on it. Having dedicated so much time to Ghost of Tsushima and the Director's Cut, they've more than earned a break if they wish.

We can't wait to see what the studio is up to when it's ready to reveal all!

Infamous to be revealed at PlayStation Showcase?

Rumours are flying that the next Infamous game is set to be revealed during the 2021 PlayStation Showcase. This live stream takes place on Thursday, 9 September and is being hyped up as though it was a pretty big deal.

After PlayStation began skipping E3 in favour of its much smaller State of Play events, showcases like this have been few and far between. The last one was probably the pre-PS5 showcase which came with multiple big reveals and announcements.

InFamous PS5 Release Date

As the game is yet to be revealed, it's hard to predict when a title like Infamous will release. It's all going to come down to how long Sucker Punch may have been working on it.

Accounting for Ghost of Tsushima releasing in 2020 with the Director's Cut a year later, it's possible that it would only be in pre-production right now.

Infamous Second Son Art
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Delsin Rowe was the last Infamous protagonist and was played by, you guessed it, Tory Baker.

That doesn't mean that the game can't be revealed or announced and this is going under the impression that Sucker Punch has been operating with just a single team. With just over 160 employees, it's hard to imagine this being split while Tsushima was in full development.

At best, we would say 2022 is the earliest Infamous could be released provided that the game has been in development since the main Tsushima title was completed. We'll keep you up to date with the latest that comes out of the showcase

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