Horizon Forbidden West XP: How to Level Up Fast

Everytime you level up in Horizon Forbidden West, you get skill points to use on new abilities and upgrades. Therefore, you'll want to earn XP quickly to get powerful quickly. So that you can do so even faster, here are some tips on how to level up fast in Horizon Forbidden West and earn lots of XP.

Best Ways to Level Up Fast in Horizon Forbidden West

You'd think that smashing through the story or side quests would be good for levelling up fast in Horizon Forbidden West.

horizon forbidden west, level up fast
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In actual fact, the reality is the opposite. Few quests offer more than 5-10k XP and can take a long time to complete. The early side quests even offer less than 1,000 XP as a completion reward.

If you want to level up fast to unlock more skills, there's one thing you should focus on.

Go Hunting for XP

Don't worry about side-quests, hunting is what you want to do to earn XP quickly. Head to a location where machines you're comfortable fighting are in large numbers and start taking them out. Be sure to fight ones you can take out easily.

You'll can get anywhere from 500-6000 XP for simply killing one mahcine, and doing so is a lot quicker than completing a side quest.

If you then simply wander around the nearby area, you'll bump into some more machines, so take them out too. Just rinse and repeat that and you'll rack up XP in no time, levelling up quickly.

Rebel Camps & Outposts

An even better way to go on the hunt is to find and try to takeover Rebel Outposts and Camps to level up fast in Horizon Forbidden West.

Human enemies are even easier to kill than machines, with one or two simple arrow shots to the head.

You can get 1000-4000 XP for killing Rebels. Sometimes you have to knock helmets off, but otherwise they're really easy to kill.

horizon forbidden west, level up fast
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If you kill all of the Rebels in a Camp or Outpost, you can level up really quickly. Not only do you get a few thousand XP in Horizon Forbidden West for fully completing the objective, you get loads for all the enemies there.

Rather than just leaving once you find the tags from the leader, stay and take out all of the rebels. In one later game Outpost, while testing this theory, I got just over 20 thousand XP from one Rebel Outpost, which are the smaller verisons of Rebel Camps.

Simply grind these and you'll level up faster than any other way.

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