PGA Tour 2K23: NEW clip CONFIRMS game is on the way

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It's been a whirlwind week for golf game news, with PGA Tour 2K22 seemingly canned and a PGA Tour 2K23 title coming instead!

Hot on the heels of that, a new teaser clip has been unveiled on the PGA Tour 2K Twitter page, with a tantalising date revealed.

Check out the clip and what it could mean for the release date of the franchise below.

Exciting Times

Sure, it may just be six seconds long, but this clip is massive news for the PGA Tour 2K23 title.

We had been waiting for news regarding a 2K22 game that never came, so this official clip confirming the 2K23 game is coming is awesome!

We've seen barely any news regarding the new game, so this clip came out of the blue.

Not only that, but the teased date of Monday, 22 August has whet our appetite for what more could be in store.

Surely this cannot be a release date already, so we are expecting more news and potentially a trailer to come on the day, although we're more than happy to be wrong!

The release date could also be announced then, with pre-orders potentially going live, but we will have to wait and see what 2K has up their sleeves.

Release Date

Since the signing of Tiger Woods to the 2K franchise, there has been little news regarding the new game up until this teaser clip.

The only insight we gained was through sources online revealing the Take-Two future releases plan.

Take-Two announced its earnings with a sneak peek at its plans for the current fiscal year.

This includes PGA Tour 2K23 pencilled in for the fiscal year, meaning we should see it before the end of March 2023!


After no news for a considerable length of time, EA has confirmed that EA Sports PGA Tour will be released in Spring 2023.

This is a year delay on the previous release date, so this game better be epic when it eventually hits the shelves!

The delay does leave a 'gimme' for 2K Games to secure a monopoly on golf games in 2022.

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