PGA Tour 2K21 Cover Athlete Justin Thomas on Golf, Rating himself 99 & Lockdown Life

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It has been announced that Justin Thomas is the first cover athlete for PGA Tour 2K21.

The former world number 1 golfer will be joined by other pros on the cover of the new 2K Sports title, and we here at RealSport managed to speak with him about the new game, and the current climate the world finds itself in.

What does it mean to be on the cover of PGA Tour 2K21?

JT: It means a lot to be on the cover of PGA Tour 2K21.

I was thinking about it and it's a great way for my first involvement to be in a video game - to be on the cover is about as good as it gets!

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COVER STAR - JT is the first confirmed pro for PGA Tour 2K21

It's an unbelievable honour because there are so many great players, deserving and great players who could have been chosen. To be asked was just humbling.

I’ve grown up playing video games and when you’re a little kid you wanna be in those games, but to be on the cover - it’s just awesome.

Cover athlete aside, what is it like to have your own character in PGA Tour 2K21?

JT: It’s gonna be different! It’s just amazing how the graphics have changed from when I was a kid some 15 years ago. 

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You could walk in on someone playing video games now and it looks like you’re watching TV, it’s that realistic.

Having seen the graphics, some of the golf courses and myself, it’s kind of bizarre how spot on everything is.

With any sports game comes ratings. What would you rate yourself on 2K21 and what are your strengths out on the course?

JT: Ratings' tough, I’m probably bad to ask because I’m very hard on myself.

But when I’m playing well I’d definitely give myself a 99 because I know 100s don’t exist out there! That’s the fun and unfun thing about golf because you don’t know what you’re getting each day. 

PGA TOUR 2K21 Sawgrass Screen
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FOR THE PLAYERS - The iconic TPC at Sawgrass will appear on PGA Tour 2K21

In terms of my strengths in my game, my ball-striking - that’s what I’m most consistent with.

My irons, my wedge-game, my chipping and putting - I’m constantly working on everything to get it a little bit better each and every year.

Do you have any tips or any fighting talk about players going up against Justin Thomas on PGA Tour 2K21?

JT: I’m not gonna give any tips on how to beat me, whether it’s a video game or real life, I want that to be as difficult as possible!

It’s a cool feature and I’m sure people will have some fun with it.

Have you played PGA Tour 2K21 yet and, if not, are you looking forward to getting your hands on it?

JT: I haven’t played yet, but I am excited.

It’s gonna be different, but I’m definitely gonna have some fun with all the different features and matches.

We’ve already seen a tease of The Players Championship at Sawgrass on the game. What does Sawgrass mean to you?

JT: I love TPC Sawgrass, the first time I played there, my rookie year as a player, I loved it immediately.

It’s such a great golf course and when you look at the list of champions there, you’ve got winners from all ends of the spectrum.  You get short hitters, long hitters, chipping and putting, driving and ball striking.

It’s the most shot-makers course that we’ll play all year. You really need to work it both ways, both off the tee and into the green and have control of your golf ball.

It’s a place I really do feel comfortable when I get there. It’s a place that I will hopefully have the opportunity to win multiple times.

Every time I go there, it’s amazing.

How have you been coping with lockdown and have you been gaming at all?

JT: I’ve been playing a few games, I’ve been trying to take this time to relax and be home. It’s gone on for so long now, it’s become the norm.

Waking up in my own bed and going to my own kitchen - it’s not something I’m accustomed to - for my entire life, ever since I left for college, so it’s different.

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VIRTUAL REALITY - JT can't wait to get back out on the course

I’ve been working out a lot, staying in shape and making sure my body is “golf ready”.

I have not been playing much golf, I haven’t practised much, I’ve only played a couple of times. The next couple week start ramping up so I’m ready for when we start up again. 

PGA Tour 2K21 is released worldwide on Friday, August 21, 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch & Stadia.

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