PES 2020 Demo: How to Download, Release, Teams, Stadiums, Online, PS4, Xbox One, PC & more

Konami’s flagship football game should turn heads in the battle for best on the market this year.

by Louis Hutchinson

As the new season moves closer, PES 2020 is on the way and set to land in September.


Like last year we will get our hands on the demo before its release – with the trial for PES 2020 arriving in just one week, on July 30.

Now, this won’t be anything as comprehensive as the full game, but it will offer a great chance to hone your skills and get used to gameplay tweaks.

This year, you will be able to download the demo from the PlayStation and Microsoft stores, with the full release date on September 10.

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How to download the demo on your console

If you need to know how to download the Demo, follow these instructions below.

For PlayStation 4

1. Go to the Playstation Store

2. Type in ‘PES 2020 demo’ on the search bar

3. Add to cart then download for free

For Xbox One

1. Go to the Microsoft Store

2. Type in ‘PES 2020 Demo’

3, Add to cart then download for free

PC users will need to use Steam:

1. Click this link:

2. Download the Steam client software for your computer operating system

3. Login with the account you’re currently using

4. Open the Library in the Steam client software

5. Select ‘PES 2020 Demo’

6. Install the game on to your computer

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What teams can you play with?

The teams announced for the demo are:

  • Barcelona
  • Juventus
  • Manchester United
  • Bayern Munich
  • Arsenal
  • Palmeiras
  • Flamengo
  • Sao Paulo
  • Corinthians
  • Vasco da Gama
  • Boca Juniors
  • River Plate
  • Universidad de Chile
  • Colo-Colo

13 clubs and Online & Edit Modes await us on the PES 2020 demoLast year, you also had the choice of two stadiums, the Camp Nou & Veltins-Arena (Schalke).

The Nou Camp is certain to remain, given Barcelona’s renewal with Konami. Expect PES 2020 exclusive stadiums – Juventus’s Allianz Stadium and Bayern Munich home ground the Allianz Arena to appear this time around.

What modes will be featured?

The PES 2019 demo was generous when it came to content.

You could play offline exhibition matches, offline co-op, and online quick matches.

The latter was a demo first last year, and was welcomed by the community – especially given the fact that the FIFA 20 demo (which will drop a couple of weeks after PES 2020’s launch) only catered for offline play.

In addition, this year we will have an Edit Mode – allowing you to get to grips with the PES database, creating kits, crests & more.

Leagues that are fully licensed

All the teams with fully licensed names, crests and kits from the following leagues will also be available in PES 2020.

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First touch mechanics

 Serge Gnabry is Bayern Munich’s PES Ambassador

Konami has changed the ‘cheesy’ style of one-touch play that let you pass your way through a team just by repeatedly pressing the short pass button.

Instead, the focus now is all about timing, with the type of contact depending on how well the pass was timed.

Controlling the ball from long passes depends on the quality of the player’s ball control. Nobody for the PES Legends, Bayern Munich or Juventus had a poor first touch from simple long balls but you can imagine that lower quality players are likely to suffer with maintaining possession whilst under pressure.

This adds a whole new level of tactics to gameplay. Do you risk a quick ball or play it safe?

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Louis Hutchinson