PES 2020 Data Pack 9.0: Is a new Patch Update coming or is this PES 2021?

Data Pack 8.0 was said to be the last patch update for PES 2020, but it looks as if there is another on the way.

Here's what we know about the potential Data Pack 9.0.

What is Data Pack 9.0?

In a video released by Spoony Pizza on 3 July, they revealed that a new Data Pack is on the way.

This was spotted in the Steam database, with a release date predicted towards the end of July.

With reports suggesting that PES 2021 is just going to be an update for PES 2020 - perhaps this isn't Data Pack 9, but a 2021 overhaul!

PES 2019 Servers Closing Postponned

Alongside this news, a statement from Konami stated that the online servers for PES 2019 are closing down - but this will not happen in until 24 September 2020.

This usually happens when a new game is on the way, so it looks as if PES 2021 would arrive in October or early Novemeber.

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