eFootball Mobile - Everything you need to know

efootball bayern munich

efootball bayern munich

The eFootball Mobile app is a must-have for the eFootball fanatics among you, as it allows you to jump into the action any place, any time.

With the mobile app now having been downloaded by over 600 million users, Konami is keeping eFootball 2023 up to date with regular updates.

So, check out everything you need to know about the new footballing sim, eFootball 2023, on mobile below.

What is eFootball Mobile?

The eFootball Mobile allows you to jump into eFootball gameplay on your phone or PC/laptop.

eFootball 2023 Mobile offers a similar handheld experience to that of the previous PES Mobile titles.

The game delivers an authentic football experience with licensed players, teams, clubs, stadiums, and more.

It also features eFootball World, where you can play as an existing team or create your own team to compete against players from across the globe in various events.

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TACTICAL MASTERCLASS - Become a tactical genius in eFootball Mobile

Managerial tactics and some new progression and training systems have also been introduced to the mobile version of the game.

Players can now carry a surprise element while facing their opponents in online matches.

By building their squad properly with a couple of versatile players, they can easily change formation and playstyle mid-game to surprise an unsuspecting opponent.

How to download eFootball Mobile

You can download the eFootball Mobile app completely free of charge on your iOS or Android device.

Just head to the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store, and search for 'eFootball 2023'.

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ON THE GO - Jump into eFootball whilst you're on the move

Approximately 4.0 GB of free storage is required to download and install eFootball 2023.

Konami recommends that you use a wifi connection to download the base game and any of its updates.

If you already have eFootball 2022 Mobile, all you need to do is update the latest version of this and it should change to eFootball 2023.

You might find that you need to delete your existing eFootball first, then download the new one from the store.

Changing formation whilst in-game

As mentioned above, Konami has made it easier than ever for eFootball Mobile players to change tactics and formations whilst playing a match.

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • When playing a match online or offline, click the pause icon that appears on the top right corner of your screen and go to the game plan.
  • From there, tap on the manager icon, where you will find options to change the team's formation and playstyle.
  • Tap on the game plan icon, and from there, the process of changing the game plan and formation is the same.

Mobile milestone hit

A sensational milestone has been hit - the mobile version of eFootball 2023 has officially surpassed 600 million downloads worldwide.

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WOW - This number is too big to comprehend

In celebration of this terrific achievement, Konami will hold various campaigns and events for the console and mobile versions of eFootball 2023.

The landmark also spells good news for eFootball 2023 players, with Konami offering a number of different promotional campaigns and free items in-game.


With the arrival of eFootball 2023, Konami released a teaser trailer earlier this year for what you can expect from the game on mobile devices.

Check out the trailer for eFootball 2023 Mobile below:

The Mobile Trailer gives us a taste of what you can expect in-game but considering the full version is out right now, you may as well download it and see for yourselves!

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