eFootball 2022: Hidden setting can make gameplay INCREDIBLE

It has been a rocky road so far for eFootball following the transition from the classic Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) franchise.

Release delays have blighted what looked to be a promising move from Konami as they look to close the gap on EA and the juggernaut FIFA franchise.

However, the free-to-play title is almost back on track, and one fan has discovered a hidden setting that drastically improves the gameplay!

Earn your rewards

After a six-month update delay, many fans thought eFootball was dead and buried for the season, but that is not the case!

Pre-Season Match Campain Vol. 3 began last month on Thursday, 17 February, with players able to work towards earning rewards for when Update V1.0.0 arrives.

As made clear in the statement, your rewards will increase depending on the number of matches played and goals scored during the campaign period.

The rewards will be delivered after the arrival of Update V1.0.0, so you still have plenty of time left to get yourself some tasty rewards.

Enhance your gameplay

Much has been made of the gameplay since eFootball's release, but one fan has discovered a setting that can drastically improve the gameplay, but often goes unnoticed.

Before you kick-off, you need to head to 'Settings', and then 'Gameplay', and it is here that you will find the magical setting!

Adjusting the 'Game Speed' to +1 will, you guessed it, increase the speed of your game, taking eFootball from a sluggish snore-fest to a more realistic and intense match experience.

As you can see from the video, the gameplay looks much sharper with players flying into tackles and punching in crisp passes to one another.

However, the downside of this is that this will likely be available only in the offline game modes.

Online modes will have a default setting that you won't be able to change, so don't get used to it!

Face recognition

If the gameplay can be fixed (sped up) to make the game better, Konami should have no issues with the graphics!

NeXR technologies has renewed its partnership with Konami to create photorealistic avatars for eFootball until 2023.

This means the game will continue to produce ultra-realistic players faces, something that always brings a vital layer of depth and realism to any football simulation.

It looks as though Konami is getting back on track to challenge EA once more, but there is still a long way to go before it can compete again with FIFA 22.

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