What Year Does Overwatch 2 Take Place In?

Overwatch 2 Graphic with Heroes

Overwatch 2 Graphic with Heroes

Overwatch 2 was released in 2022 with a multitude of issues and problems within the game.

However, as this sequel has replaced the first game, it has become a fan favourite pretty quickly.

And, it is expected that new games will have a few issues. Especially multiplayer online games.

However, as Blizzard Entertainment are big on its lore and hero development when the game takes place may be something of importance.

There have been some secret easter eggs which have hinted at the exact year that this game is being set in.

This has caused players into some heated debates about the exact placement of this game compared to the first game.

So, let's look at when Overwatch 2 is set and what this means for the characters and their lore.

When is Overwatch 2 set?

So, there has not yet currently been an official date that either Overwatch or Overwatch 2, the sequel, is actually set.

Overwatch 2 Heroes
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There have been some general easter eggs or hints at the time in which it is set, but nothing solidly explained.

Of course, this is set in the future with futuristic weapons, abilities, and the Omnic robot race.

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Blizzard Employees set the Record Straight

There have been numerous comments from Blizzard and Overwatch 2 employees which give fans an idea of when it is set.

The first was from Chris Menzen who stated that the game takes place 'something like 60 years' in the future.

Another designer, Michael Chu also supported this with a statement that said the game took place 'around 60 years' in the future.

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Overwatch 2 Community Speculation

Speculation from the community has also taken a deep dive into just when the game is set.

Looking at a video released for the game, a Redditor @KnightMain0 noticed that the background was recognised.

The map, Paraiso was exactly the same as the one used in Lucio-Oh's commercial.

A poster in the background of the map also has the date Friday May 14, which players could then work out the years from.

So, the only two years that the game could take place in is 2077 or 2088.

Tying these two pieces of information together with the official comments and the secret eggs found by players, we can get a close guess at the year.

So, we would expect the game to take place in 2088.

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