Overwatch 2 One Punch Man Collaboration - Terrible Tornado joins as Kiriko

Terrible Tornado from One Punch Man as Kiriko

Terrible Tornado from One Punch Man as Kiriko

Overwatch 2 recently revealed a collaboration with One Punch Man, revealing a Saitama skin for Doomfist.

Met with much praise from the community, they have now just announced a skin for Kiriko as Terrible Tornado from the hit anime.

This skin will be available in the game in early March 2023, so the wait for these two great skins won't be long.

Art Director Dion Rogers told Xbox Wire that this crossover exists due to the fact that the heroes in the game are anime lovers too.

The Overwatch community has never felt so in touch with character design!

So, let's look at the new One Punch Man skin for Kiriko as Terrible Tornado in Overwatch 2 and what else players should expect to see.

When will Terrible Tornado Kiriko be Released?

This crossover with Overwatch 2 and One Punch Man will be available in the game's store from March 7 2023 until April 6 2023.

However, there will also be more content added with a new loading screen alongside the multiple skins.

Not all of the content has been announced yet. But, here is everything that we know about so far...

  • Saitama Doomfist Skin
  • Kiriko Terrible Tornado Skin
  • Custom Loading Screen
  • Kiriko Terriby Impressive Victory Pose
  • Terrible Tornado Namecard

The full bundle is expected to cost 2,100 Overwatch coins.

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Overwatch 2 Kiriko as the Terrible Tornado

Take a look here to see Kiriko with her brand-new skin and pose included.

As the second-ever official collaboration in Overwatch 2, Blizzard is looking forward to the future with other brands.

Kiriko skin as the Terrible Tornado
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As a hero who throws paper at enemies, having this wind-themed character as a skin makes perfect sense.

Kiriko has been in the limelight recently with many new skins in Overwatch 2, such as Amaterasu.

Keep your eyes peeled for any updates on this article which will keep you up to date with the newest information for this collaboration.

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