Overwatch 2: Season 1, Battle Pass, Rewards, Contents, and More

Overwatch 2 is released tomorrow alongside all the brand new content coming in the first season's battle pass.

Players can access this content straight away alongside the new game.

This means that the community can start the grind for the new Hero, Kiriko, and get those rewards.

However, what is in the season one battle pass for Overwatch 2 and how can players access it?

Let's take a look.

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Overwatch 2 premium battle pass

The premium battle pass for the first season of the game has 80 tiers for players to grind through.

Each tier brings new rewards and XP too. However, players must purchase the battle pass in order to get these.

The pass costs 1,000 Overwatch coins which are around $10 or £8.94.

Additionally, purchasing the Watchpoint Pack also gives players the season one battle pass for free.

EDM D.Va is also given to players as a legendary skin. So, the pack seems like a great investment.

Premium battle pass rewards

Here is all of the content that premium battle pass owners can get if they hit all 80 tiers.

  • one Mythic skin
  • five Legendary skins
  • three Epic skins
  • four Play of the Game highlight intros
  • five weapon charms
  • four emotes
  • five souvenirs
  • eight victory poses
  • 14 voice lines
  • eight name cards
  • 15 sprays
  • 11 player icons

Overwatch 2 free battle pass

The free battle pass is of course... free!

Overwatch 2 content releases
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This free track of the season one pass gives much fewer rewards and instead of every level, it's given every four levels.

Moving through the tiers

Moving through each tier is done when players reach 10,000 XP.

You’ll earn XP by playing games and completing daily, weekly, seasonal and lifetime challenges.

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