Overwatch 2 x One Punch Man Collab - Doomfist gets a new Saitama skin

With its first anime collaboration, Overwatch 2 is working with One Punch Man to bring some new content to the game.

No other hero suits this skin better than Doomfist himself with his huge mechanical fist.

Doomfist already has numerous references and one-liners which reference the popular anime, One Punch Man.

However, this collaboration with the anime has made this more official.

Blizzard is celebrating this with a special celebration event for the collaboration and to welcome Saitama to Overwatch 2.

This information comes from the season 3 trailer which revealed exciting information.

So, let's look at the new collaboration event for Overwatch 2 and One Punch Man and what players should expect.

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Overwatch 2 x One Punch man Collaboration Event

This new One Punch collaboration event will start on March 7 and run until April 6.

This was revealed in the recent season 3 trailer of Overwatch 2 and has sparked excitement for all players of the game.

Also announced in the trailer were some new skins for several heroes and a brand-new battle pass.

There were also announcements of a new control map with some new competitive maps too.

Doomfist Saitama Skin

In this event, there is the possibility to earn a Saitama skin for Doomfist in Overwatch 2.

Saitama is the protagonist of One Punch Man and with Doomfist getting his inspiration from the show, it makes so much sense.

Overwatch VP Jon Spector revealed some teasers about this collaboration last year.

But, now the event has come to fruition and we finally have some good pieces of detail about the event and new skin.

Spector has also mentioned that the teams of Overwatch 2 have been interested in collaboration events for a while.

So, although this is the first collaboration event, we should expect to see more coming up in the future too!

Any updates about this will be updated into this article.

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