Pokemon Sword and Shield: Which Is The Best Starter Pokemon?

A new set of Pokemon games are here, Pokemon Sword and Shield, with a handful of new Pokemon, gym leaders, features and more.

New adventures await you as you visit the Galar region. A new Pokemon game is always one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year and Pokemon Sword and Shield is no different.

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Dating back decades the series has reached astronomical proportions and has risen to become one of the most popular games of all time.

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Now the game is here, there is always one massive decision that fans will have to make when they start up their journey through the Galar region. Choosing a starter Pokemon. Which one should you go with?


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The grass type starter has received the least amount of love out of the three since the game's launch.

With an appearance similar to a monkey, Grookey could evolve into a combination of grass and another typing when it is all said and done but we do not know its final evolution as of now.

An abundance of new Pokemon in Sword and Shield are also grass-type Pokemon, along with the first gym leader, meaning Grookey may be at a disadvantage in the early stages of the game.

Usually, one of the starter Pokemon struggles immensely in the early stages of the game but proceeds to level out during the end game. This appears to be the case with Grookey.

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Moving on to the water-type starter in Sword and Shield, Sobble is perhaps the cutest one of the three starter Pokemon and has been receiving the most love from fans.

Sobble evolves into a sort of dragon lizard as it's final state, a water-dragon typing mixture is one we have rarely seen in Pokemon games so it could be argued that this is one of the best final stages of any starter Pokemon.

Water-type Pokemon have always been some of the best and safest bets throughout any Pokemon game, although with the first gym leader being a grass-type leader Sobble is already at a disadvantage.

It is a safe bet to assume that Sobble will get an easier path throughout the game and water type moves are amongst some of the strongest in Pokemon games so if you're looking for the safest best for sure pick Sobble.

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The last starter amongst the three is the fire type Scorbunny.

Similar to its name it is bunny-type Pokemon that seems to lead into the all so common fire-fighting final evolution later down the line. With its bandage above its nose, it's obvious that our little friend is a fighter!

Personally, fire-type Pokemon have become my favourite starter Pokemon in every Pokemon game, they tend to become some of the strongest in every game and can decimate enemies in the later stages due to their excessively high damage output.

It seems that Scorbunny will be the superior Pokemon in the early stages of the game, whether or not this holds true throughout the game is unknown as of now but our money is on Scorbunny to be the best starter Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

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