Pokemon Sword and Shield: All confirmed NEW Pokemon

With any new generation comes a whole new set of Pokemon for us to catch and battle with.

Photo via Nintendo 

Pokemon has a spot within the hearts of many gamers over the years.

Dating back decades the series has reached astronomical proportions and has risen to become one of the most popular games of all time. Whenever a new Pokemon game announced there is always a lot of excitement across generations of gamers. Fans expect the best out of each Pokemon game, although the series has grown far from its core roots. Nintendo has always strived to captivate fans through new Pokemon, mechanics, and regions whenever they can. 

We are quickly approaching the November 15th release date for Nintendo’s Pokemon: Sword And Shield and we are starting to get more information about it. Nintendo have strived to announce as many new Pokemon as they can prior to the release date. So, what Pokemon can we expect to find in the Galar Region? Let us explore! 

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Starter Pokemon

Photo via Nintendo 

Nintendo announced the three starter Pokemon months in advance and they all have unique features that set them apart from the others. 

  • Grookey – Grass Type 
  • Scorbunny – Fire Type
  • Sobble – Water Type

Fans have tended to lean towards the fire and water type starter Pokemon in the past, although we do not know the final evolutions of these three it will be interesting to see who becomes the strongest out of the three. 

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Other Pokemon 

Wooloo – Normal Type 

This is essentially the generic normal type Pokemon found within each Pokemon game and can be assumed it will be available within the first one or two routes in the game.

Grossifleur – Grass Type

This Pokemon can also be linked to another generic style found in each Pokemon game, similar to an Oddish this one may evolve into a poison type. 

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Eldegoss – Grass Type

It appears the trend so far within the Galar region is the ample amounts of grass-type Pokemon. Although the grass types we have seen thus far do look unique, one of these grass Pokemon is bound to be the ‘people’s choice’ throughout the game.

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