Where to Find & Catch Giratina in Pokemon BDSP

The remake of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl has been a pleasant surprise. The return of old-style Pokemon. Despite being a remake quite close to the original version.

Nonetheless, the game keeps some new surprises. One of them is the presence of a wide variety of Legendaries Pokemon. Giratina, the mascot of Pokemon Platinum, is among them.

Here is our guide to help you catch this strong Pokemon in Pokemon BDSP!

Who is Giratina

For those starting in the Pokemon Universe, Giratina is a Legendary Ghost Dragon Pokemon. He has two different forms, an Altered and Origin Form - and players can only catch the Altered form.

How to Find & Catch Giratina


  • Beat Cynthia at the Pokemon League
  • Unlock the National Dex
    • To unlock the National Dex, you need to encounter all 150 Pokemon on Sinnoh Pokedex.
    • Find them, not necessarily catch them.
    • The most crucial point in completing the National Dex is seeing Drifloon


Giratina is located in the Turnback cave. In case you do not find the cave:

  • Look for the Spring Path on the Easter side of Route 214.
  • The entrance of Turnback cave is on a rock wall facing the water. Reach the door with Rock Climbing.
  • Turnback Cave has low visibility due to fog. Use the option Defog on the Poketch to clear the air and navigate the cave.
  • Giratina is located in the room with the Third Pillar.

Note: The Cave map is randomly generated, so players will require RNG help to find Giratina. After searching in 30 rooms, you will be sent back to the entrance. No problem, keep trying.

Battling and Catching Giratina

First of all, save before starting the battle against Giratina. Otherwise, If Giratina wins, trainers will be sent back to the entrance, or you can run out of Pokeballs:

  • Throw a quick Pokeball. They are more efficient when they are used in the beginning.
  • Gyarados is the best Pokemon against Giratina. It can Intimidate, Paralyze, and its Taunt will stop Giratina from attacking three times.
  • To catch him, use Dusk Balls to increase your chances of capturing it.
  • You will always encounter the Altered Form. You need the Griseous Orb to obtain the Origin Form.

Griseous Orb and Origin for Giratina

Giratina in Origin Form can not be captured. However, trainers can use this Form by giving the Giratina in Altered Form the held item Griseous Orb.

To obtain the Griseous Orb, the trainer needs to defeat the Giratina Level 100 in the Distortion Room in Ramanas Park. Although this is not very simple as you need to catch the 13 legendary Pokemon first.

With so many challenges to overcome in Pokemon BDSP, be prepared for fun but at times difficult grind!

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