Pokemon BDSP: All Hidden Moves (HMs) & How to Unlock Them

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There was a time when Trainers had to teach their pokemon Hidden Moves. However, in the remake of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl, that is just ancient history.

All the teaching was replaced, naturally, by technology. Now players can acquire the Poketch, a gadget similar to a smartwatch, that like most modern devices, has apps to fix exactly that.

What are Hidden Moves?

Hidden Moves or HMs are special abilities that, in most cases, allow trainers to manipulate the environment. Previously trainers have had to teach HMs to a Pokemon and keep this Pokemon in their team to use it.

In Pokemon BDSP, it is straightforward. Once you find the Hidden Move, this will be installed in your Poketch available all the time.

The following list includes all the Hidden Moves available so far and where you can find them.

Hidden Move Location
Rock SmashOreburgh Gate
CutEterna City
FlyVeilstone City
DefogGreat Marsh
SurfCelestic Town Ruins
Strength Lost Tower Route 209
Rock ClimbRoute 217

How to Obtain a Poketch


  • Visit Jubilife City and talk to your friends
  • After receiving the Town Map, Walk in the direction to the center area.
  • The head of the Poketch Company will approach you.
    • He will ask you to bring him 3 coupons from 3 clowns in the City.
    • When you encounter a clown, answer Yes to their questions.

Clown Locations

  • Standing around the Northern side of the city, near the Pokemart.
  • Near the TV Station in Jubilife City. He is near the Jumbotron.
  • In front of the Poketch Offices.

Bring back the three coupons to the head of Poketch Company to unlock your Poketch

How to use the Poketch

  • To activate the Pokétch, press the R button. It will appear as an icon in the top right of the screen.
  • Press the R button again to extend the screen.
  • Holding the R button will remove the Poketch from the Screen.
  • You can scroll between Poketch Apps using the right stick.

Adding HM in the Poketch

Like the previous version, you will find HMs by exploring the map. Once you acquire them, they will be necessary to defeat the Gym Leader in the area.

Once players are victorious, they receive a Gym Badge that will allow them to use the Hidden Move.

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