Nintendo Switch Sports: What sports are included in the new game?

The triumphant return of the popular Nintendo Sports series is here, with 'Nintendo Switch Sports' set to be released soon.

The new game will feature iconic sports from previous iterations as well as some fresh sports too and will allow players to play against friends or online opponents.

Check out exactly which sports will be included in Nintendo Switch Sports here.

Latest - Online Play Test registrations now open

The official Nintendo UK Twitter account has announced that Registrations for the Nintendo Switch Sports Online Play Test are now open.

Three of the sports will be playable during the Online Play Test, these are:

  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Chambara

Nintendo Switch Sports release date

Nintendo Switch Sports will be released on Friday, 29 April.

However, you can participate in an online playtest from Saturday, 19 February, which runs until Sunday, 20 February.

In order to take part in the online playtest, an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required.

What sports are in Nintendo Switch Sports?

Nintendo Switch Sports will include six different sports at launch, with more to follow once the game is updated.

These six original sports are:

  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Chambara
  • Soccer
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball

The veteran players among you will recognise some sports like tennis and bowling from previous titles.

However, the new game features some fresh sports like volleyball, soccer and badminton for the first time. 

There will also be two updates coming to the game later this year, adding more features to enjoy.

The first free update will add the support to play soccer with a new leg attachment, further enhancing the experience.

The second update will add golf to the lineup, taking Nintendo Switch Sports to a total of seven different sports.

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