Tropico 6 Switch: Nintendo Switch version of the game to launch on November 6, price, pre-order& more!

The Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase was full to the brim of exciting information.

One exciting piece of news to come out of it was the announcement of Tropico 6, which is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Tropico 6 gameplay
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YOURS TO RULE: Tropico 6 Switch Edition puts you at the head!

The game dropped last year for PS4 and Xbox One, and one year later, Nintendo users have their own version of the game also.

Let’s take a look at the game and its introduction to the Nintendo Switch!

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Tropico 6 on Switch

The game itself will be titled Tropico 6 – Nintendo Switch Edition and will launch on November 6.

The game is already available for pre-order, and is a product of Limbic Entertainment.

tropico 6 switch
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MY ISLAND: The game puts you in charge of a small nation

Excitingly, the Switch version of the game, given its late release, will come with all previously released content.

Not one to be pipped to the post, the Switch Edition also comes with a few added extras, although it remains to be seen what these are.

Tropico 6

The game gives you control of a nation, as you perform the role of El Presidente, and lets you run your island how you want.

If you wish, you can be an evil tyrant, running your island as a dictator and ensuring complete loyalty.

tropico 6 switch edition
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YOU'RE IN CHARGE: The Switch version features the same content as the console and PC

However, if this isn’t your cup of tea then you can be a friendly statesman, and lead with a smile.

Tropico 6 – Switch Edition price and pre-order

The Nintendo Switch version of the game is already available to pre-order here, rady for its November 6 launch.

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The game is currently $5 off, at $44.99.

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