Pokemon Unite Espeon Guide: Best Build, Items, Tips & Tricks

Pokebuki, the Spring Festival of Pokemon Unite, introduces the new attacker Espeon, the second of Eevee's evolutions!

Espeon is a strong attacker with the ability to avoid hindrances and reduce the cooldown of its abilities by hitting enemies.

Here's our guide on the best Espeon build in Pokemon Unite to get the most out of this new Pokemon and some tips and tricks to seal the deal.

Pokemon Unite Espeon Release Date

Espeon was released in the Pokemon Unite on May 16, 2022, available only by purchasing Aeos Gems, the currency that is equal to real money.

At the same time, Espeon is part of a Pokebuki event in which trainers will obtain an Espeon Unite License for free by logging in and completing challenges.

It is the first time that Pokemon Unite has released a character behind a paywall initially, though players can still earn the Pokemon for free after 5 days of challenges.


The Espeon License will be available in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 575 Aeos Gems.

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Espeon Pokemon Unite Build

Espeon is an attacker that can spam abilities and move among lines with hindrance immunity.

Type: Attacker (Ranged) Difficulty: Novice

Evolution: Eevee Lv. 1 - Espeon Lv. 4

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Choosing your Lane

Espeon is versatile, it can go in the bottom lane for sustained damage or mid as Espeon can farm with ease.

Early Game

With a very straightforward playstyle, trainers just need to hit Espeon's abilities consistently to increase damage output as cooldowns are reduced.

Passive - Magic Bounce:

  • A shield that will negate Hindrances that hit Espeon. At the same time inflicting damage to the opponent.

Option A: Psyschock

  • Lv 5: Psyshock will materialize multiple psychic projectiles to hurl at an opponent. Land them all, and the opposing Pokémon will be unable to act for a short time.

This ability has a very long range and strong cc, making it no doubt the strongest Pokemon Unite ability of Espeon.


Option A: Psybeam

  • Psybeam is a peculiar ray that will split into smaller rays if it hits an opposing Pokemon! The damage dealt by these rays is based on the max HP of the first Pokemon hit.

Psybeam is perfect against a team with a strong and tanky frontline and gives Espeon some serious teamfight power.

Late Game

Unite Move: Psychic Solare

  • Level 9: Psychic Solare will lift opposing Pokemon into the air with psychic energy.

A move with a massive AoE, the explosion after pulling enemies in the air will allow Espeon to escape from those enemies that survive the attack if there's not enough damage to close things out.

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Held Items

  • Muscle Band - The best way to build Espeon is focusing on offensive stats in held items. Focus band will reward the Pokemon's sustained DMG.
  • Wise Glasses - This held item will increase the damage of Espeon's abilities.
  • Scope Lens - Spamming abilities, with high probabilities of critical hitting, is a smart bet for Espeon.

Battle Items

  • Eject Button - The blink can be a lifesaver in most situations. Players can use it to reach the best positions for attacking or escaping.
  • X-Attack - If you are going for a superlative damage option, the extra attack and attack speed of X-Attack will grant big numbers.

Espeon is a very strong Pokemon, and most likely will be nerfed after some days like others including Duraludon or Sylveon.

These nerfs hopefully won't arrive before trainers can try Espeon out in Pokemon Unite for free through the 5 days of login challenges.

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