Pokemon Unite DOWN: Server Status & Maintenance Schedule

Pokemon Unite servers are currently down due to an extended maintenance period ahead of the new lineup of events in December and January as part of its holiday festivities.

Here's everything you need to know about the current Pokemon Unite server status and maintenance schedule.

Pokemon Unite Server Status & Maintenance Schedule

Pokemon Unite servers are currently down, and players won't be able to access the game for some time.

The current Pokemon Unite maintenance schedule suggests servers will be down from 4pm EST to 2am EST, though this period could be extended pending any technical difficulties.

This downtime comes as somewhat of a surprise for players but will lead to some massive content as part of the upcoming events and holiday festivities.

Stay tuned as we update with all of the latest information on the Pokemon Unite server status as it comes.

Pokemon Unite Holiday Festivities & Events

Pokemon Unite will have a ton of action for players through December and January as part of its planned holiday festivities.

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This includes a number of events including a free License event for the new Pokemon Tsareena when servers return!

Check out all of the upcoming Pokemon Unite events below:

  • New Pokemon announced: Tsareena.
    • The holiday season starts strong in Pokemon Unite with the new All-Rounder, Tsareena gifted to all players.
    • Release Date: December 9th
  • New Pokemon announced: Dragonite.
    • Dragonite is arriving at Aeos Island as a Melee All-Rounder, with powerful moves like Dragon Breath, Outrage, and Draco Impact.
    • Release Date: December 20th
  • New Mode: Snowball Battle in Shivre City
    • Pokemon Unite will also launch a new Quick Battle in a winter wonderland covered in snow.
    • Defeated opponents will become Snowman instead of respawning in base.
    • Delibird and Articuno are joining Pokemon Unite as Wild Pokemon.
    • Release Date: December 15th
  • Illumination Challenge
    • Trainers will need to collect Christmas Light to decorate the Festive Tree
    • Lighting up the Festive Tree will unlock decorative items for Trainers, Holowears for Pokemon
    • Release Date: December 15th
  • Photo Challenge:
    • Collect snowflakes to complete a fun Seasonal Art Puzzle by taking part in Matches
    • Receive Aeos tickets, Items enhancers, and exclusive Trainer fashion items
    • Release Date: December 24th
  • All Unite License Limited Access:
    • Trainers will have Free access to all Pokemon Unite licenses for three days starting January 1, 2022.
    • Release Date: January 1st
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