Pokemon Unite: Aegilash Best Build, Tips & Tricks

Aegislash is the newest Pokemon joining Aeos Island. The all-arounder is surprising the community with his impressive damage and fun skills.

With that in mind, here's our guide on the best Aegislash builds and some tips and tricks to dominate your next games with the new Pokemon

Release Date

Aegilash was released in the Pokemon Unite version, which went live on February 11, 2022.

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Trainers can obtain the Aegislash License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 10000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.

Aegislash Guide - Best Build & Abilities

Aegislash is an All-Arounder with a unique playstyle with two different modes. Sword Mode and Shield Mode.

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A NEW THREAT APPROACHES: Aegilash has finally landed in Pokemon Unite

Choosing Your Lane

Aegislash DMG allows him to clear the jungle pretty simply. In addition, Aegislash's abilities are excellent to set ganks.

Therefore, the best lane for Aegislash is the middle lane, often putting pressure on the squishy characters.

Early Game

Aegislash is not very tanky. Trainers require to farm fast to acquire the first initial moves. We recommend joining the battle after the enemy uses their hindrances.

Option A: Sacred Sword

  • Level 5: Aegislash thrusts its blade into the ground, creating a triangular zone. This zone erupts with hidden power, damaging enemies in the area and throwing them.
  • Also increases boost count by 1 for each enemy hit (capped at 2 for wilds, 4 for players). At the same time as the eruption, Aegislash slashes forward, dealing additional damage to enemies hit.
  • For a short time after this slash hits, damage dealt by Aegislash partially ignores the Defense of all enemies.

Interesting move with a big DMG and long-range, the dash forward and low Cooldown will allow Aegislash to chase and finalize enemies.


Option A: Wide Guard

  • Level 7: Focus in place for a short time to create a great shield on Aegislash. When this shield appears, boost count increases by 1, granting a shield to Aegislash and shoves enemies in front.
  • While this shield is active, enemy player attacks increase boost count by 1 for each different enemy player (capping at 4).
  • When this move ends, shove enemies in front of Aegislash once again.

The move punish enemies for attacking Aegislash. The more attacks Aegislash receives, his attack becomes stronger. The ability cap is in 4 so make sure to time your moves accordingly.

Late Game

Aegislash Unite Move is not very flashy. However, it is the slash necessary to secure objectives and finalize enemies.

Unite Move: Coup de Grace

  • Level 9: Unleash a ground-splitting slash in the designated direction, dealing damage to enemies hit.
  • The lower their remaining HP, the more damage this move deals. If this slash knocks out an enemy, boost count increases by 1.

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Held Items

  • Muscle Band - Pretty Straightforward, Muscle Band will allow Aegislash to make more DMg faster.
  • Scope Lens - This held item will increase the Crit. DMG of Aegislash, reducing the time necessary for the Pokemon to secure kills.
  • Focus Band - This defensive Item will bring balance to the build, taking advantage of Sword and Shield Mode.

Battle Items

  • Eject Button - The blink can be a lifesaver in most situations. Players can use it to reach the best positions for attacking when at an advantage and escaping when behind.
  • X-Attack - If you are going for a superlative damage option, the extra attack and speed attack will grant big numbers.

Aegislash is Pokemon with a lot of possibilities for different combos. Trainers will have a great time playing it.

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