Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to Change Pokemon Party

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Putting together the perfect team of six is one of the main aims of any Pokemon game. That's no different in Legends Arceus, but it's not as simple in this new game. If you want to switch it up, here's a guide on how to change your party in Pokemon Legends Arceus and store Pokemon easily.

How to Change Party in Pokemon Legends Arceus

After the game's intro, you'll be taken to Jubilife Village, which is the first hub in Pokemon Legends Arceus.


Now, progress past the trial and the introduction to crafting. Then, you'll be able to change your party, even if you only have four Pokemon of your own.

You need to head to the Pastures area, which is over the bridge by the main gate on the east side of the village.

You'll see an orange sign, a white gate, and a woman called Marie waitng there. Speak to her (she won't speak to you before this part of the story) and she'll introduce you to the Pastures. They essentially act as boxes in Pokemon Legends Arceus, letting you change your party.

pokemon legends arceus, change pokemon
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How to Store Pokemon

Once in the menu, select the Pokemon you'd like to add to the Pasture. Then move them to an open slot in the centre of the screen. Press A again and they'll be placed there. Confirm it and exit the Pasture screen and you'll have stored the Pokemon.

pokemon legends arceus, change pokemon

To swap Pokemon to change your party, simply move the Pokemon from your active party to the slot that's occupied by the one you want to add. Then, press A to swap their positions, adding the one that was previously in your Pastures to the party you're using.

Simply head back to this part of town whenever you want to change your party in Pokemon Legends Arceus.