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Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to Save

Legends Arceus is a brand new type of Pokemon adventure. Taking place in the past, specifically in the Hisui region, it's far more open and varied than the mainline titles. As you're out in the world looking to catch them all, you'll want to save your Pokemon Legends Arceus progress. Thankfully it's quite easy to do so.

How to Save in Pokemon Legends Arceus

While the general structure of the game is different, saving is still pretty familiar. You just have to press a different set of buttons to those you did on Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, or Sword and Shield.

From anywhere in Legends Arceus' world, press up on the d-pad, use the RZ button to tab across to the second page, and then press A to save your progress.

As you can see from the screenshot down below, the page shows how long you've been playing Pokemon Legends Arceus for and where you currently are in the world.

pokemon legends arceus, how to save
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Unlike most other Pokemon games, there's also an autosave feature in Pokemon Legends Arceus, meaning you don't have to worry everytime you need to close the game.

We're not 100% sure on when the autosave feature kicks in, but it should be after completing quests or heading to new areas. Any significant milestone in your adventure should be an autosave point.

However, since you're likely used to saving manually as you have to in other Pokemon games, it may be best to just save manually. After all, that'll ensure you don't lose any progress and you're not wasting time by replaying sections of the game when you load it up again.

Multiple Save Files?

You also cannot set up multiple save files, so you're not able to start the game and play through with two different starters again.

You'll have to delete your save and start an entierly new one if that is something you want to do.

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