Darksiders Genesis Switch: Release date, Gameplay, Trailer, Co-op, Pre-order, Editions & more

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Darksiders Genesis is the next chapter in the popular action series and is coming to the amazing Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo fans always have to worry about getting a game late, or at all, and if any features will be stripped out to get the game onto the portable console.

While we wait for the Nintendo Switch Pro to be announced, there are a few things fans NEED to know about Darksiders Genesis and its place on the Nintendo system.

Here is everything you need to know about Darksiders Genesis on the Switch!

Release date

The game will drop at the same time as it does on other consoles, namely 14 February 2020.

It is already out on PC and Stadia, which means there is a lot of information out there about gameplay and plot, but don't worry there are no spoilers here!


Genesis is a Diablo-styled third-person action game. 

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PURGATORY: Journey through an apocalyptic landscape, completing challenges and solving puzzles as you go

Darksiders’ original hero, War, teams up with the previously unplayable fourth horseman, Strife, on a quest to maintain the balance for the charred council.

In single-player, the player alternates between control of ‘War’ and ‘Strife’ on their journey, while co-op mode allows two players control over either of the horsemen.

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War is a close-quarters beast who receives and deals high damage with the use of his ‘Chaos Eater’.

War is also equipped with a Crossblade called the ‘Vorpal Blade’, which allows him to perform ranged attacks.

The game currency is souls which can be earned by killing enemies, and the campaign is expected to take around 15 hours to complete.

Any changes for Switch?

Airship Syndicate CEO Joe Madureira and president Ryan Stefanelli have been speaking to Nintendo Everything about the title, and have confirmed that it will be “100% the same” as other versions in terms of content, but some sacrifices will have to be made to make it run as well as possible.

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AUTHENTIC: Genesis allegedly feels like a more authentic Darksiders experience than any of the previous entries

Stefanelli said:

"We’ve gotten a taste of what the transition is like, and we’re getting a lot of help on it too, so hopefully Switch players will be happy with it. It’s really cool being able to bring a new Darksiders game to the Switch."

"We’re excited about it."

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That sounds very promising indeed.


The Nintendo Switch specific trailer made a splash at Gamescom 2019 as it showed off flashy gameplay that flows really well.

You can get a feel for the gameplay from it, as it promises hack & slash adventures in both single-player and co-op.

Pre-order & editions

You can pre-order Darksiders Genesis now! It's just £34.99 on Amazon & GAME. There are two editions with a huge list of extras if you want to spend more though.

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CO-OP: You’ll be able to play as either War or Strife in the latest Darksiders game

The Collector's Edition is £109.99 and comes with:

  • Standard Edition Darksiders Genesis Game
  • Premium Quality Display Box23cm/9inch Strife Figurine
  • High-Quality Collectible Darksiders Genesis Steelbook Case
  • Darksiders Genesis Stickers
  • Darksiders Genesis Artbook
  • Official Darksiders Genesis Soundtrack

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The Nephilim Edition is a massive £349.99 and has everything from the Collector's Edition along with the limited edition Darksiders: the forbidden land board game!

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