NHL 23 Roster Update boosts ratings for Oilers, Bruins & more

The NHL 23 Roster Update has arrived, and players from across the league are set to see their ratings rise.

Here's everything we know so far about this new NHL 23 Roster Update and which player ratings have been revealed.

NHL 23 Roster Update arrives with several top players getting a boost

With the NHL season now nearly two months in, some clear standouts have started to emerge across the league.

The latest NHL 23 Roster Update has just arrived, and along with it we've got players seeing a ratings boost across six different teams.

We've learned about boosts to top players with the Edmonton Oilers, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, New Jersey Devils, and Dallas Stars.

NHL 23 Ratings Roster Update
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BEST GETS BETTER: Connor McDavid was the highest rated player at launch

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The biggest move has got to be that Connor McDavid somehow got even better despite starting the year as the best player in NHL 23.

The Edmonton Oilers are a middling 10-10 so far this season, but Connor McDavid has led much of their success with a Hat Trick in two different games.

It's not yet clear exactly when more of the player ratings changes in this NHL 23 Roster Update be revealed or if they'll even be announced.

The official NHL 23 Ratings database hasn't been updated with this release and doesn't appear to track changes in the same way the Madden 23 Ratings database does.

If more are revealed, it'll likely be made official via the NHL 23 account on Twitter as they've done throughout the day.

All NHL 23 Ratings Changes (so far)

As of now, only 11 of the player ratings changes in this NHL 23 Roster Update have been revealed:

  • Connor McDavid - 96 OVR (+1) - Edmonton Oilers
  • Leon Draisaitl - 94 OVR (+1) - Edmonton Oilers
  • David Pastrnak - 93 OVR (+2) - Boston Bruins
  • Brad Marchand - 92 OVR (+1) - Boston Bruins
  • Cole Caufield - 86 OVR (+2) - Montreal Canadiens
  • Nick Suzuki - 88 OVR (+2) - Montreal Canadiens
  • Mika Zibanejad - 89 OVR (+1) - New York Rangers
  • Artemi Panarin - 93 OVR (+1) - New York Rangers
  • Jack Hughes - 88 OVR (+1) - New Jersey Devils
  • Jason Robertson - 90 OVR (+2) - Dallas Stars
  • Jake Oettinger - 88 OVR (+2) - Dallas Stars

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