NHL 23 HUT Spreadsheet Event Cards in Ultimate Team

If you were looking to upgrade your NHL 23 HUT team you'll likely want to grab a few of the Spreadsheet Hockey Event cards available.

These 89 OVR cards will be a great addition to your Ultimate Team lineup and we're going to take a look at each of the ones that were revealed.

We'll also go over the Black Friday deals for these cards.

NHL 23 HUT Spreadsheet Event

The first thing you'll want to do during the NHL 23 HUT Spreadsheet Event is complete the challenges that are currently available.

Right now, only the first group of challenges is available to be completed, giving you five tasks that you'll complete to attempt to earn 15 stars.

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SPREADSHEET CHALLENGE: Complete these steps to earn extra coins in HUT.

The tasks aren't too complicated either so you should be able to complete these NHL 23 HUT Spreadsheet challenges quickly.

Here's an example of the first one:

  • Play the Nashville Predators:
    • Complete the game
    • Get a shutout
    • Win the game

Depending on how you do, you could earn up to 300 coins for three stars. Either way, you'll get one step closer to the cards available.

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Spreadsheet Event Cards available

The cards in this event are pretty great as well, especially if you're looking for ways to quickly update your NHL 23 HUT team.

The Event only lasts for two weeks, so completing the challenges and earning the Hockey Ultimate Team Master Items is something you should definitely do.

The Spreadsheet Hockey Event cards are based on some of the players that are performing extremely well statistically in the league right now. So, they received a special NHL 23 HUT item as well.

There are a few different options to choose from but the Special Pack is the one we'd pick up because it has 18 items within it and it's only 1,400P.

NHL 23 Black Friday Sale

Right now is the best time to purchase the game and dive deep into NHL 23 HUT because the game is on sale.

The Black Friday sale will last until the beginning of next week and you can find the game for as little as $35.99.

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NHL 23 DISCOUNT: Get the game for a HUGE discount this weekend.

If you're looking for the X-Factor Edition, the only place you can find it on sale is through Xbox. PlayStation still has it for full price so it's not really worth it, even with the NHL 23 HUT rewards.

Here are the Black Friday prices that will last for the rest of the week:

  • Standard Edition Prices
    • NHL 23 (PS4) - $59.99 $35.99
    • NHL 23 (PS5) - $69.99 $41.99
    • NHL 23 (Xbox One) -$59.99 $35.99
    • NHL 23 (Xbox Series X|S) - $69.99 $41.99
  • X-Factor Edition Prices
    • NHL 23 (PS4) - $99.99 or $89.99/EA Play
    • NHL 23 (PS5) - $99.99 or $89.99/EA Play
    • NHL 23 (Xbox One) - $99.99 or $59.99
    • NHL 23 (Xbox Series X|S) - $99.99 or $59.99

To check out some of the other sales going on for EA Sports games, follow this link.

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