NHL 21 Closed Technical Test: Beta, Details, and more

EA has officially announced that the NHL 21 Beta, or closed technical test as they refer to it, is going ahead.

Here's everything you need you need to know!

NHL 21 Closed Technical Test Live

There will be a number of lucky individuals who will be getting their first hands-on with NHL 21 early, as it has now been confirmed that the closed technical test is live!

But before you think they're playing the finished product - think again.

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LIVE! The technical test is now underway

As with many technical tests / betas, the game will not be in its final form - in fact, it may be far from it.

This is the whole purpose of the test itself. It's a great chance for EA to respond to genuine player feedback, and make changes and tweaks to gameplay, graphics, and more before it ends up on the shelves.

EA themselves write that:

'The Closed Technical Test will give us more time to act on your feedback before we release the game in October.'

It's a great sign, that the game we're all looking forward has a good chance of releasing in a quality state.

When does the Closed Technical Test end?

Currently, there has been no announcement of when the test will come to a close.

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IT'S IN THE GAME! NHL 21 will be available on both PS4 and Xbox One

However, if you head to 'answers HQ' or EA Forums on Reddit, you should be able to keep up to date with how it's all going.

Release Date and Pre-order

NHL 21 is set for release on 16 October 2020, for Xbox One and PS4.

However, if you want to make sure you guarantee your copy, we'd recommend pre-ordering!

NHL 21 also comes in a variety of different Editions, all with their own in-game bonuses and prices.

We've broken it all down for you below, in our pre-order and Editions guide to NHL 21.

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