Xbox Series X/S: Next-Gen walkthrough, Quick Resume, Dashboard, Game Pass Ultimate & more

We have finally had the opportunity to see the Xbox Series X in action.

In a video hosted by Malik Prince, Xbox Community PM and Harrison Hoffman, Principal Program Manager at Xbox, we got to see the new console in action.

A number of key features were highlighted in the video, all of which sound equally exciting.

Let’s jump in and take a look now!

The Xbox Home

The dashboard is very impressive.

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It maintains simplicity whilst also displaying enough exciting options for all gamers, including various games, the store, friends list and more.

The two hosts also gave a small showcase to the dynamic backgrounds, exclusive to Xbox Series X and S, with one available in each colour.

Quick Resume

One of the best features to help the new Microsoft console stand out is its Quick Resume feature.

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The console will hold various games ‘in stasis’ whilst you are playing.

This means you can re-join a game where you left off seamlessly without interrupting your experience.


The short 15-minute walkthrough also shows off the visuals.

With both old and new games on show (the Series X and S will feature games from across 4 generations of consoles) the visuals were very impressive.

dirt 5 storm 1
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STUNNING VISUALS: The walkthrough demonstrated the visuals of DIRT 5

We see Gears 5, Subnautica and DIRT 5 showcasing 4K @60 fps, HDR (including adding HDR to games that have never had it before) and ray tracing.

The hosts even talk about the Gears 5 multiplayer, which will play at 120 fps on the new console.

The Guide

Hit the Xbox button and you’ll be taken to The Guide.

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This will enable you to check out your friends list, switch games, and all as a game overlay as opposed to taking you out of your game completely.

Share Button

The share button will enable you to save both screenshot and gameplays at a single press.

Then, using the Xbox app (which links to your console) you can share the image or video straight to social media.

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HARDWARE: The console's incredible hardware enables these awesome features

This makes it easier than ever to share your content with your friends!

Xbox App

As mentioned, the Xbox app links to your console, helping you get the most out of next gen hardware and software.

This app on your phone enables you to keep up with what’s going on with your Xbox friends, engage in content and more, all whilst on the move.

Game Pass Ultimate

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will come to Xbox Series X with a bang.

Not only will it help you find games to play next from the home screen, it also comes with a huge addition on launch day.

EA Play will come to Xbox Game Pass on 10 November, adding 100 EA titles to the Game Pass.

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