Xbox Series X Stock: Shortages could continue into 2021

The Xbox Series X & S have been out for a week now, and those that were lucky enough to secure a pre-order are having plenty of fun with their next-gen consoles.

Those that couldn't though, might have to wait a bit longer according to Microsoft CFO Tim Stuart.

Limited Christmas stock

Plenty of people around the world would have hoped to give loved ones a shiny new Xbox for Christmas, but that might not be possible this year.

"I think we'll continue to see supply shortages as we head into the post-holiday quarter" said Stuart. That's not exactly news gamers want to hear.

The next-gen Xbox Series X & Series S consoles
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Xbox Series X & S

Supply cannot meet demand

Plenty of gamers will want to use the holiday period sales to label a winner in the latest Console War, but it won't be that easy.

With demand for the consoles far out-weighing the supply, it will be a bit trickier to determine a winner.

The Xbox Series X box has some wonderful design aspects to it
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Xbox Series X packaging

"Frankly, this holiday, supply is going to dictate how many consoles are sold more than demand," Said Phil Spencer, "That battle is not going to be a reflection of demand -- it'll be a reflection of supply."

It's a similar story for the PS5. With European & UK release day this week, only limited stock will be available for those without a pre-order.

How to find Xbox Series X stock

There's no surefire way to find an Xbox right now. While places like Amazon, Walmart, and GAME are obvious go-to locations for stock, there are plenty of other retailers that can have some stock.

You can stay one step ahead of the game in the UK by following Gfinity Deals on Twitter. Setting up notifications is the best way to go as stock vanishes quickly!

There will be plenty of scalpers selling on Xboxs but we recommend you hold onto your money and wait to buy for retail price rather than on a massive mark up.

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