PS5 Stock: Amazon EU will have units on release day

The next-gen consoles have dominated gaming over the last few months, and while those in the US, Japan, and other regions have both at their fingertips, European gamers are still waiting for the PS5.

Those that were able to secure a pre-order are expecting delivery on 19 November, but those that couldn't will be scrambling to find a location with some stock on Thursday.

They may be in luck.

Amazon to stock PS5 on release day

Millions have been dropping onto Amazon to see if there are any PS5s yet. Well come 19 November there will be!

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In an email to some shoppers, Amazon confirmed that their EU site will be able to take some orders on release day!

What time will Amazon have stock?

The email says that they will have LIMITED stock from 12 noon on 19 November.

So get the page ready and prepare to hammer that F5 key.

If Amazon has some stock, it is likely that other retailers will too.

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If you're in the UK, keep an eye on Gfinity Deals on Twitter for all the latest news and info on PS5 availability.

The PS5 has sold remarkably well around the world, but there are still plenty of people out there that want to secure a console before Christmas. Good luck if you are one of them!

Stock issues not limited to Sony

Demand for next-gen consoles has far out-paced their supply.

This is not limited to Sony's machines, with Xbox officials saying their stock shortfalls may not be rectified until mid-2021.

With units in short supply, there are plenty of shady scalpers looking to make a fast buck by reselling consoles at a huge mark-up. Hopefully Amazon & other retailers will have bars in place to prevent that.

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