Should Xbox Series S/X Controllers Get PS5 DualSense Features Like Haptic Feedback And Adaptive Triggers?

With the PS5 DualSense controller being heavily praised for its advancements and unique experience, the Xbox Series S/X controller looks relatively "last-gen" compared to it, with almost no new features and it being almost identical to the Xbox Elite controller.

So, it begs the question, should Microsoft add Advanced Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback to the Xbox Series S/X controllers or would they just be seen as copying Sony?

The Pros And Cons Of Microsoft Adding DualSense Feature To Xbox Series S/X

There are a number of reasons why Microsoft would consider adding DualSense features to their new controller.

First and foremost, the DualSense controller is considered to be the most advanced or next-generation feeling aspect of the new consoles and the defining feature of the PS5, helping it stand out from the Xbox Series S/X.

Also, the features are a great way of enhancing and elevating the player's gaming experience. Aspects of a game like driving, climbing or walking over different terrain able to be translated to the controller.

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Haptic Feedback has been praised, alongside Adaptive Triggers for it's next-gen feel.

But, the fact that the DualSense controller is the PS5's defining feature might lead to accusations that Microsoft is simply "copying" Sony and using the features it implemented into its console to help bolster the Xbox Series S/X.

There is also the possibility that some of the technology used inside the DualSense controller has been patented by Sony. This would mean that Microsoft would have to create its own way of recreating Adaptive Triggers or Haptic Feedback, which would be a costly endeavour.

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Microsoft Asks Fans If They Want DualSense Features On Xbox

Supporting this idea, Microsoft recently sent out a questionnaire to customers who bought an Xbox Series S/X console. This questionnaire asked if they wanted to see PS5 DualSense features on the Xbox Series S/X controllers.

In the survey, which was first spotted by TechRadar Microsoft asks the following question:

"I am aware of features on PlayStation controllers that I wish were n the controller that came with this console."

Users can then respond with whether or not they strongly disagree, agree or if they are somewhere in between.

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The general consensus is that the Xbox Series S/X controllers are less of a leap forward.

This same survey asks customers whether or not they are using other features of the Xbox Series S/X, such as the Share Button, suggesting that Microsoft is trying to get a read of what its fans want for the new generation of consoles.

This question could right now not lead to any substantial change in Microsoft's controllers. But, it does seem to suggest that Microsoft sees Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers as a desirable piece of technology to add to its controllers.

If Microsoft does end up adding these features to the Xbox Series S/X, then it might suggest that we will see a mid-generation upgrade for the consoles at some point in the future.

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