Black PS5 Consoles Go On Sale On January 8, But With Very Limited Stock

Fans have been crying out for a black PS5 console ever since Sony unveiled the design of the PS5 back in June.

Well, now you can get one, but only if you are quick to purchase when they go live, as there are only 304 units being made.

Black PS5 Consoles To Go On Sale Later This Week

The black PS5 consoles are being sold by the online retailer Sup3r5 and the design of both the console and controller are inspired by the PS2. First spotted by TechRadar, the design reflects Sony's most popular console.

The design and process of customisation are not officially affiliated with Sony.

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This black console is retro-inspired and looks the part.

There are 304 PS5 units up for grabs when pre-orders go live on January 8 and if you just want the DualSense controller, there are 500 of them up for grabs.

Buying this controller will void your warranty with Sony, as it has to be completely disassembled to convert it to this retro design. However, the PS5 will still be covered by your warranty as the side plates are the only part being customised.

The PS5 will cost $649, whilst the DualSense Controller will also cost a premium at $99.

The console and controller will ship in late Spring 2021 and you can take a look at the page here.

The chances of you actually picking this console up are slim, but if you are still clawing to get your hands on one this might be a good shot, especially as retailers continue to face shortages and likely will for many months.

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The entire range of PS5 gear and equipment have been low on stock since it went up for pre-order in September.

Shortages of PS5 hardware and accessories are expected to continue into 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic affects production and other factors such as scalping keep supplies low.

This isn't the first time PS5 consoles have been made or designed in different colours as multiple companies have been developing their own faceplates for the console, ranging from the standard black to more wild and wacky patterns.

This retro-inspired PS5 console might not even get to ship, as Sony has previously shut down or sent cease-and-desist notifications to retailers selling custom-made PS5 faceplates.

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