It could be a month before more PS5s hit the market

The PS5 is still as popular as ever, but gamers will still be waiting a while because they finally purchase one;

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No Shipments For One Month

Yesterday we reported that next month will see double shipments of PS5 consoles hit the market to make up for April's delays.

While this is still true, it also means that potential buyers will be waiting around one month before the next shipments go live.

GAME, Argos, and Smyths aren't expecting their consoles until mid-May, and it is likely the same for other retailers too.

The good news is, when they do arrive there should be a lot of them on sale which could make securing one a lot easier than previous restocks.

PS5 stock was supposed to become much more plentiful in April, unfortunately, this didn't end up being the case and many delays caused barely any stock to land in stores.

There is some good news though, that stock is now on its way, along with May's shipments too.

This means, there should be double the amount of PlayStation 5 consoles hitting the market over the coming weeks.

But until then you've still got at least another month to continue making your way through your PS$ library.

Don't forget to claim this month's PS5 PS Plus game, Oddworld: Soulstorm, while its not playable on PS4 it can still be added to your library ready for when you finally get the next-gen system.

But, if you have to have a new console now and can't wait for new stock, you do have a few options, although we don't recommend them.


CEX is a chain brand that sells used entertainment items from games, films, computer parts, mobile phones and more.

Because of this they don't have to follow pricing laws and can instead set their own laws.

They do sell both versions of the PS5, but be prepared to pay more than RRP for them.

At the time of writing the prices are:


Like CEX, if you're prepared to pay more than RRP and aren't that bothered whether the box has been opened before, then Ebay is one place to consider.

One thing to note is, since you may be dealing with individual sellers there may be a risk involved, so be prepared for that before you bid/purchase.

You can find the consoles here:

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