Next-Gen: Xbox Series X and PS5 will be online only at BestBuy and PS5 headset in stores!

The next-gen consoles are just weeks away now, and those unlucky enough to miss out on a pre-order have been biting their nails ever since.

A post on Reddit seems to show that the stock of new consoles, come launch day, will be online only.

This may worry some of those who were hoping to camp out and make sure they got their hands on the new tech.

Let’s take a look at the email now, and what it means for those looking to buy a new console in the US!

Next Gen Online Only

A user on Reddit has shared their company email from BestBuy, which seems to say that next-gen consoles will be online only.

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ONLINE ONLY: Next gen consoles including the Series X and S will only be online

This means that shops, or specifically BestBuy in this case, will not receive any new physical stock.

Instead, on launch day, we assume that the retailer will make their new stock available on their website.

The email also says that “customers should go online for purchase if there is any stock available”.

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This could spell bad news for those with slow fingers or internet, as it seems we’ve got another pre-order launch day scenario on our hands!

PS5 Headset seen in stores

Another Reddit user also made an interesting post, showing that they had found the new Pulse headset in Walmart.

The item appears on a shelf above the Astro A20 wireless headset and seems to have no price tag shown.

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ACCESSORIZE: Many have been unable to purchase Media remotes and headsets

This is good news for those who have failed to secure PS5 accessories, as it appears they will be stocked.

Whilst this user was in Walmart, it is possible that all major retailers will stock accessories in store!


Next Gen price and pre-order

As we all know, the opportunities for a pre-order of a next-gen console are very slim.

The consoles sold out in minutes across the internet, leaving many hoping that pre-orders would open again soon.

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BATTLE OF THE CONSOLES: Both next-gen consoles launch in the coming weeks

If you manage to find a pre-order from a trusted seller, the PS5 will cost £449.99 for the disc edition.

The Digital version of the console is £359.99, compared to the Xbox Series S at £249.

The Xbox Series X will set you back £449, or the same as the disc version of the PlayStation 5.

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