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Terminator: Resistance - Infiltrator Mode Revealed, trailer, release date & more

Terminator is a film series that just works so well as a video game.

Terminator: Resistance was released last year and has continued to receive support and expansion from developers Teyon.

The latest addition is that of Infiltrator mode! This is where you can play as the T-800 from the iconic 80's film. We've got everything you need to know right here!

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Different take on a classic story

In Terminator: Resistance, you play as a soldier from the resistance fighting to take back control over Earth from the Machines. Under the command of John Connor, you attempt to defeat Skynet and its Terminators.

terminator resistance gameplay screenshot
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KILL 'EM ALL: You have a lot of Terminators to get through to Skynet in this game

Resistance has an RPG-style ending system, so there are multiple different outcomes at the conclusion of its story.


So, it makes sense that Teyon are including a different perspective on the story.

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In Infiltrator mode, you will take over a T-800 and hunt down the resistance's tech-com field commander Ramirez. Nothing can be allowed to stand in your way as you cut your way through the resistance.

Infiltrator will include new weapons that were previously not available to players.

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You'll also be able to compare how you did in this mode compared to your friends and the community via an online scoreboard.


If you want to get a sneak preview to Infiltrator mode, Reef Entertainment have you covered with this trailer:

Release Date

Terminator: Resistance Infiltrator mode is available now via a free update to all those playing on Steam.

It's currently unknown when this will be coming to PS4 nor Xbox One. It's also unclear if the update will be free or paid DLC but will likely be the former.

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