Ubisoft’s Avatar Game is Delayed until 2023

Remember the Avatar video game? You've got a better memory than most then! Back in 2017, Ubisoft announced that there would be an official video game for James Cameron's 2009 Sci-Fi film.

Unfortunately, though, there's been another delay for the game, meaning the soonest we'll see it on shelves in 2023.

An epic game for an epic movie

In 2017, Ubisoft announced a partnership with Lightstorm Entertainment and Fox to create an Avatar game. Massive Entertainment are slated to develop the game.

Avatar 2009 film video game delayed until 2023
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TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE: 2009's Avatar was a breakthrough for 3D and IMAX films

Creator of the Avatar film, James Cameron, has stated that he was impressed with Massive's passion for the project as well as the Snowdrop engine it will be run on.

Cameron believed that Massive is the perfect fit to create an Avatar game. This recent news will not encourage fans eager for more content relating to the 2009 epic.

Alongside Avatar 2

Avatar 2 has been delayed a total of eight times now and is currently set for release on 16th December 2022. So, in a way, the delay to the video game adaptation isn't a surprise.

Avatar's video game is delayed until Ubisoft's 2023 financial year, which begins in April that year. So, the earliest we will see the game is Spring 2023.

If you're wanting details about the Avatar game, there isn't much out there, but more will no doubt be revealed closer to its release.

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