PS5 accessories will release earlier than the console

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It's been a month since Sony unveiled the release date for the PS5, with their new console arriving on 12 November this year.

However, it looks like you won't have to wait until November to get your hands on your PS5 accessories as per a recent spout of Sony emails!

PS5 Accessory Release Date Brought Forward

PS5 customers have been receiving emails from Sony confirming that their PS5 accessories will be arriving as soon as Friday 30 October!

ps5 accessory release date tweet
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FAST TRACK: The PS5 accessories will be shipped by the end of October

Twitter user @Wario64, retweeted one customer's screenshot that confirmed the new release date and also confirmed that other retailers such as Target in the US have also listed the new October release date.

The email reads: "Great news! We are excited to be shipping PS5 accessories early! The new launch date of your pre-order item(s) will now be 10/30/2020".

What's the point?

I know what many of you are thinking - what's the point Sony?

PS5 Digital
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ACCESSORISE: The new release date is likely Sony ensuring your goods arrive on time!

Well other than satisfying our desperation to get our hands on anything to do with next-gen consoles, Sony is likely trying to ensure we get all our hardware on time in a COVID-19 affected world.

Of course this doesn't guarantee we'll be getting our consoles on time...

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