Mario Kart live: Cats cause mayhem with new Nintendo AR racer

Following the release of the highly anticipated new Mario Kart game today, certain users are encountering issues.

These issues aren’t hardware related, or software, or general glitches in the game.

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Rather, certain owners of the new game are encountering compatibility problems with their karts and cats. No, we didn’t spell anything wrong there.

Let’s take a look at some of these feline fails now!

Cat got your… kart?

So, with the release of the new Mario kart game and its real-life twist on the classic franchise, people were excited to test out their racing skills.

However, some unlucky users ended up with a few more opponents than they bargained for!

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REAL LIFE: Mario Kart Live features real world karts!

This tweet shows a race being well and truly halted by two larger than life pets!

However, the fear of these new four-wheeled house friends is not one way, as seen in Unranked Podcast’s latest video.

The video shows the YouTuber testing out his new Nintendo gadget, before his furry friend gets too spooked and runs away from the kart.

What is the game like?

With the game’s release earlier today, we are still waiting for the true verdict form the fans!

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FULL KIT: The game comes complete with everything needed to make your own track

However, with this new take on a true classic, we’re sure the public will receive it with open arms and can’t wait to see what inventive tracks people come up with.

Where can I get it and how much is Mario Kart live?

Mario Kart live can be purchased form all major retailers, with both a Mario and a Luigi kart.

If red is your colour, then you can get your Mario kart here!

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However, is green is more your thing then Luigi can purchased here!

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