505 Games Showcase 2022: All Game Announcements

As we rapidly approach the summer, the level of game announcements is surely set to increase and Milan-based publisher 505 games have decided to kick off festivities with their first ever spring showcase which showed off a line-up of new and interesting titles.

So while we all wait for the Summer Games Fests, State of Plays and Xbox and Bethesda Showcases to bring a tidal wave of video game goodness, let's take a look at everything that 505 Games had to offer

Everything Showed at the 505 Games Spring Showcase

Miasma Chronicles

Starting with the big reveal at the end of the 505 Games showcase we have Miasma Chronicles. Made by Mutant Year Zero developers The Bearded Ladies, Miasma Chronicles only got a small little reveal trailer at the very end of the show with little information to go off of.

The reveal trailer didn't really give much away other than the presumed protagonist's motivation of finding their mother through this weird portal that they were trying to manipulate.

Miasma Chronicles is set to release in 2023 with no specific date set and will be available on Xbox Series S|X, PS5 and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising & Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes

Before the reveal of Miasma Chronicles, however, we had a different kind of Chronicle announcement as the JRPG Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes and its spin-off prequel Eiyuden Chronicle Rising got a rather large showcase.

The talking points were mostly dedicated to Rising, as it is already available for purchase on PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series S|X, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store and GOG.

A screenshot from the 505 Games Spring Showcase 2022 featuring Eiyuden Chronicles Rising
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Created as a stretch goal from the massive success of Hundred Heroes' fundraising efforts on Kickstarter as the largest fundraiser in 2020, Rising features characters that will appear in Hundred Heroes and gives players a 20-hour JRPG experience to become more acquainted with them and the setting of Allraan.

Hundred Heroes meanwhile was mostly unmentioned outside of a small update in relation to Rising.

Stray Blade

Point Blank Games also made an appearence at the 505 Games Spring Showcase with another trailer for thier upcoming game Stray Blade, a title which sees players take up the role of antropologist Farren who discovers the lost valley of arcea.

Cursed to stay there after dying on the island, Farren and his newound companion Boji must find the answers they are looking for all while humanity invades the island and turns it into a warzone.

Protagonist of Stray lade Farren laying dead after an explosion.
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One of the more interesting mechanics that the game discussed was the idea of an evolving world, using te example of a camp the player cleard in the past potentially now being overrun by monsters or taken over by a different faction.

Stray Blade also gave us an impressive look at it's combat system, even showing us how the companion character of Boji can be levelled up into a support role for the player to assist them in encounters.

The companion of Stray Blade Boji using his support abilities to heal a defeated Farren.
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Stray Blade is set to release in 2023 with beta sign up available right now and will be available to play on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store as well as Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One and PS5.

Among the Trolls

The ending shot from the 505 Games Showcase trailer for Among the Trolls
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The game shown at the beginning of the 505 Games Showcase, Among the Trolls is a first-person survival adventure game set in a world beyond our own with ties to Finnish folklore and mythology made by Forbidden Studios.

You play as a Finnish-American who returns to Finland after the death of their parents to reconnect with their grandparents and are eventually sucked into a world where, as the name suggests, trolls and other creatures are real.

A screenshot from the 505 Games showcase for Among the Trolls
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The game will consist of your standard survival mechanics including crafting and modular structure building but will also bring more unique elements to the genre such as the ability to craft familiars as companions and the need to sacrifice items and good to the forest to make up for the resources that you are taking to survive.

Among the Trolls looks like a promising title that will spice up the survival genre when it enters Steam Early Access later this year.

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