Zion Williamson tries out NBA 2K22...and it doesn't go well

We all love seeing our favorite NBA players test out NBA 2K22 and it seems that Bleacher Report was able to get Zion Williamson over to take on The City with his own MyPLAYER.

This was a great chance to see a real NBA player make his comments on the game and Zion Williamson kept us entertained with his banter throughout the video.

Check out the video below to see Zion Williamson's experience playing NBA 2K22.

Zion Williamson tries out NBA 2K22

Some NBA players are familiar with NBA 2K22 and frequently play it, it would seem that Zion Williamson isn't one of them. However, he did rather well playing in The City.

His comments constantly made us chuckle, especially his "That's not real...it's not real" when one of his MyPLAYER shots was blocked by an opponent. Overall it seemed as if he had a good time.

You can see his MyPLAYER creation in NBA 2K22 above along with his gameplay and experience with Bleacher Report. Hopefully, Bleacher Report will have more players on to play NBA 2K22.

Zion Williamson's NBA 2K22 rating since launch

Unfortunately, Zion Williamson's rating hasn't moved at all since the launch of NBA 2K22, this is due to the fact that he hasn't played at all this season.

However, we could see the potential return of Williamson in the coming weeks or after the All-Star break. Either way, we hope to see him return to the court and NBA 2K22 as well.

NBA 2K22 Zion Williamson ratings
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BRING BACK ZION: We hope to see Zion back and healthy very soon

Currently, in NBA 2K22 you have to edit the lineup to play with Zion Williamson. You can do this by choosing the All-Time New Orleans Pelicans.

Once he's back active and healthy, we imagine that 2K will take a look at his performances and adjust his NBA 2K22 ratings up or down. Hopefully, this happens sooner than later, as Zion always brings incredible highlights.

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