NBA 2K22 looks to have two major cover athletes

NBA 2K22 is poised to make a splash when the title returns later this year, but speculation is still rampant about who will be the cover athlete for the next series installment.

With NBA standouts of the past and present both in the conversation, we take a look at who might get the nod as the NBA 2K22 cover athlete.

Who is on the cover of NBA 2K22?

While the cover athlete for NBA 2K22 is not yet official, we do actually have a very good idea of who might be chosen and revealed for the cover of this year's title.

A new leak hit last week suggesting Dirk Nowitzki has been picked as a cover athlete for NBA 2K22, and a separate report from a few months ago indicated Luka Doncic had signed with 2K Sports and left the budding NBA Live series.

Who is on the cover of NBA 2K22 Luka Doncic Dirk Nowitzki
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THE MAVERICK: Doncic has been lighting it up on the court with the Mavs

If both of these things turn out to prove true, it would be a powerful pairing and give the NBA 2K22 cover a firmly Dallas Mavericks vibe with both the Standard Edition and Legend Edition of the title.

When will the cover athlete be revealed?

As for when the wait will be over and the cover athlete of NBA 2K22 will actually be confirmed, we might be incredibly close to that moment.

According to leaker 2KIntel on Twitter, major NBA 2K22 news could land in a few short days, and the timing is right for a potential cover athlete announcement.

The cover athlete announcement would likely pair with the launch of pre orders for the upcoming title, and anticipation will only increase from that point forward.

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