NBA 2K23 The City: Theater Events for Season 1 Week 3

We're moving quickly through Season 1 in NBA 2K23 The City and because of this, we're going to try and see what all there is to do.

Week 3 in The Theater is bringing four new game modes including one that has free throws active, quite an interesting addition.

Ready to take the courts? Here's what you can expect in Season 1 Week 3.

NBA 2K23 The City: The Theater

Players are always looking for something fun to do in NBA 2K23 The City and this week there's going to be a lot of action.

The Theater is a place for everyone to get acquainted, play games, and maybe find people to team up with in the future. The two new events should help with that.

NBA 2K23 The City
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THEATER LIST: Head to The Theater and play a few of the new events

There are four new Event List, all of which give players the chance at a fresh experience in NBA 2K23 The City.

Let's check them out below:

  • 2K15
    • Games to 15 by 1's and 2's
    • 3V3
  • And 1
    • Free Throws Enabled
    • 3V3
  • Rooks (Squads Only)
    • Only The City players with 75 OVR or below are allowed.
    • 3V3
  • Loser's Out (No Squads)
    • Non-scoring player receiving possession of the ball.
    • 2V2

Of the new NBA 2K23 The City Events in The Theater, the 2K15 mode is our favorite because of how quickly the games go by.

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Other Events in The City

If you're not interested in playing The Theater events, there are some other upcoming events in NBA 2K23 The City that might be worth checking out.

For starters, Club 2K is back again on Friday and will give you 2X Badge progression for participating. Head there on September 30 at 9:00 PM.

NBA 2K23 The City
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HIT THE CLUB: Don't miss out on earning free rewards at Club 2K.

Along with the Club 2K action, you can compete in the Ruffles 4-Point Ridge Tournament this weekend as well. This will take place on Saturday, October 1 from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

If anything else pops up in NBA 2K23 The City, we'll be sure to let you know.

MyCAREER Core Badge information

MyCAREER has a lot of new NBA 2K23 caveats but one of the most troublesome parts is how the Core Badges work.

We decided to take a deeper look at it and give you a bit of information as to how to assign the Core Badges by spending your Badge Points.

NBA 2K23 The City
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BADGE INFORMATION: Core Badges are an integral part of building your MyPLAYER.

The important thing to remember is to spend your points wisely and on the Core Badges that you want to have for a long time.

We have the Badge Point guide for each tier of Badges that will help you get better in NBA 2K23 The City. Head here to check out the Core Badges.

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