The Top 5 Things We Want to See in NBA 2K22

There's still plenty of life left in NBA 2K21, but it's time to start fantasizing about what we want to see come September!

Here are five things that we want to see in NBA 2K22!

Improve Guards

The first thing we want to see is an improvement to the way the guards play within 2K.

And that's not just the AI we're talking about, we want to see significant changes to the skillset that the guards possess for when we, as players, are in control.

We're tired of seeing the same old dribble moves/step back combination in the Park or within MyTEAM. Guards should be capable of so much more, but there just isn't the scope to pick up any other moves currently.

Keep MyTEAM Ticking

NBA 2K21 has had mixed reviews from fans, but one mode which has been largely successful is MyTEAM.

GIVING! MyTEAM has delivered this year!
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GIVING! MyTEAM has delivered this year!

The Ultimate Team style mode has been successful once again this year, with the induction of a couple of new modes - including the Weekend League-esque Limited - keeping fans on their toes.

There is still an issue with the pay to win aspect of the game - more on that later - but for the most part, 2K should be looking to keep MyTEAM ticking along in a similar fashion.

Next Gen Improvements

We'll let 2K off a little bit on this one, it must be hard accommodating a Next Gen release midway through a game cycle.

Yes they made some improvements from the present gen version of the title, but let's be honest, nowhere near enough to maximise the capabilities of the Next Gen machines.

We want to see big improvements on the Next Gen front by the time 2K22 comes around, when hopefully, the consoles will be far more accessible!


There's plenty of them, but we want more!

MyCAREER/MyPLAYER is unrivalled by any other sporting title in terms of storylined content, and the badge system is a large reason why.

SWITCH IT UP! We want to see the badge rotation continue!
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SWITCH IT UP! We want to see the badge rotation continue!

But as good as it is, we still want more!

There is a handful of Next Gen exclusive badges, of which we are likely to see many more added, whilst we'd also like to see a bit more variety in the current gen offerings too.

Less Focus on VC

Now this one is the most optimistic wish on our list, but we'd love to see 2K take a step back from VC for a year.

It's not something that we anticipate will happen, after all, the purchasing of VC makes 2K Sports a LOT of money, but it's something that us casual users can wish for, right?

CASHLESS! Let's save some money 2K!
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CASHLESS! Let's save some money 2K!

Those who don't want to plunge their hard earned cash in the game quickly find themselves left behind, whether that's in MyTEAM or on the Park with a severely depleted player.

We'd love it to go back to the old, 2K11 days of grinding to be the best.

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