NBA 2K22 Limited: Season 8 Week 4 Rules & Rewards

If you're looking to add an MT Option Pack to your MyTEAM rewards you'll need to earn Championship Rings in NBA 2K22 Limited.

With only a few weeks left in Season 8, earning all of the rewards you can is vital could make your experience in NBA 2K23 even better.

Let's check out the rules and rewards for this week's event.

NBA 2K22 Limited Season 8 Week 4

Getting your team ready for NBA 2K22 Limited could be tough this time because it's set to Hall of Fame Difficulty.

The good news is you'll be able to use a Galaxy Opal card, one of the highest-rated cards in the entire game.

NBA 2K22 Limited Season 8
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RULES & REWARDS: End Game Packs and Shoe Boosts are on the way

The rules outside of the Hall of Fame Difficulty are pretty standard, including the exclusion of Free Agent and Heat Check cards in NBA 2K22 Limited.

Here are the rules for this weekends event:

  • Hall of Fame Difficulty
  • Card Requirements:
    • 1 Galaxy Opal
    • 1 Pink Diamond
    • 1 Diamond
  • All remaining players must be Ruby and lower.
  • No Free Agent or Heat Check cards

The rewards that you can receive from participating in this event are:

  • Shoe Boost Pack
  • 50 Tokens
  • Diamond Contracts
  • Hall of Fame Badge
  • 100 Tokens
  • MT Option Pack

There are some new End Game packs available as well. There are a few that you could use during this NBA 2K22 Limited Event.

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End Game LeBron & MJ Packs

The End Game Packs have brought LeBron James and Michael Jordan to the MyTEAM Pack Market. Unfortunately, you won't be able to use any of the Dark Matter cards available.

The good news is that the Dark Matter cards aren't the only cards in the set. There are two incredible Galaxy Opal cards that will definitely help.

NBA 2K22 Limited Season 8
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END GAME MJ: Michael Jordan makes his End Game debut today

One of these Galaxy Opal cards is the GO LeBron James from the 'Tis The Season Packs. There are actually a few Pink Diamond cards as well.

These are the End Game LeBron & MJ cards you can use in NBA 2K22 Limited this weekend:

  • Galaxy Opal Stephen Curry - 97 OVR - PG/SG
  • Galaxy Opal LeBron James - 97 OVR - SF/PF
  • Pink Diamond Aaron Gordon - 96 OVR - PF/SF
  • Pink Diamond Josh Smith - 96 OVR - PF/SF

If you pick up one of these cards, they could be a great option for your lineup in Week 4 of NBA 2K22 Limited.

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