NBA 2K22: Dribbling Speed Mechanics Bumped Up For Small Guards

A new update was applied to NBA 2K22 and this time it has to do with the dribbling mechanics for smaller guards. We know what you're thinking, didn't they just perform an update? Yes, they did.

However, this is an update to change that update and revert it back to be closer to the original, but why? That's what we're going to go over right now.

Let's talk about the most recent change to the NBA 2K22 dribbling speed.

NBA 2K22 Dribbling Speed Changes

After a recent rework of the dribbling speed in NBA 2K22, detailed here, the 2K Devs have decided it's best to bring it back to the original.

Although those weren't the exact words used, what was said is that a "minor bump up to dribble movement speeds in this morning’s update. Small guards will feel it the most."

NBA 2K22 Dribbling Speed Allen Iverson
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SPEED UPDATE: Small Guards are getting a bump to their Dribbling Speed

The strange thing is the quick pivot, the original update wasn't out for more than a week before it was changed. So, why did NBA 2K22 decide to make the move?

Great News For Playmaking Shot Creators

This news comes with a lot of joy for a very popular build in NBA 2K22 and could be the reason for the change in the first place. Playmaking Shot Creators or "Playshots" are very happy about this.

The reason why is that most Playshots have a habit of lateral or left-right dribbling and then speeding past opponents. Paired with a few good Shooting badges and it's a nightmare to stop.

NBA 2K22 Dribbling Speed AI
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GET READY: The bump in speed will see the same kind of backlash as the nerf did

When the NBA 2K22 dribble speed was nerfed, the Playmaking Shot Creators weren't happy because it penalized them for doing this "glitch" now, they're free to do it again.

Now the 2K Devs will have to deal with players on the opposite side being upset that they have to deal with this all over again even though it was just nerfed.

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